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Vật tư tiêu hao/Dung dịch làm sạch và khử nhiễm bề mặt Neutral Detergent (can 5l)

Dung dịch làm sạch và khử nhiễm bề mặt Neutral Detergent (can 5l)

Clinicare Neutral Detergent Towelettes are used for rapid decontamination and pre-cleaning of surfaces, instruments and equipment (including dental handpieces) used in surgeries and clinics.
They can be used for pre-cleaning prior to disinfection or sterilisation procedures.  Non-corrosive, won’t stain or discolour contact surfaces and is easily rinsed off with water.
Format: 5L Bulk Pack
• Low foaming, non-corrosive detergent solution.
• Neutral pH, non-ionic solution.
• Does NOT contain alcohol or disinfectants.
• Contains Food Grade plasticiser to protect plastic fittings and surfaces.
• Towelette canisters design for –
   1) rapid and easy wipe dispensing separation
   2) secure closure to protect wipes
   3) Disposable wipes to reduce potential cross- contamination issues
   4) Pattened wipe for improved cleaning and decontamination
• Safe to use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol or disinfectants ie dental chairs.

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